Are you living the very best version of yourself? You might not know how to answer this question! If you are not sure of what living the best version of you is, then begin to explore what the best version of your would look, feel and sound like.

It’s as good as it’s going get…

In fact, have you heard yourself saying phrases like,  “it’s as good as it going to get”, or “what is being happy anyways”… Alignment with your Unconscious Mind is key to achieving inner peace, happiness and the ability to manifest all you want.

My Story in a nutshell

I’d never had an easy childhood and my teen years were filled with a lack of self-esteem and trauma. As I transitioned into life as an adult, I continued to carry and nurse my pain, which would show itself in deep sadness and anger. I appeared on the outside to be strong, independent, and a go-getter. Yet, in my quiet moments, I could feel a lack of self-love and constant fear. In fact, fear was a steady feeling driving me, preventing me from making decisions and creating what I wanted.

This period of time in my life was deep-rooted in negative thought and emotion, seeing life through the lens of limitations. The grand story of my childhood pain and the trauma I had suffered was loud and clear. It never occurred to me that I was judgmental or envious, and yet my thoughts were always pinpointed to what I was lacking and envy toward people who appeared to have what I wanted. Now, seeing clearly, I know I was not consciously aware of the impact my storytelling, and negative thoughts had on me.

Life consisted for many years living in fear, and I manifested more of what I did not want. I spent endless hours sourcing out new  ways to think, and read countless self-help books which opened up awareness to the process of creating change. Soon, I discovered the power or magic of the Unconscious Mind! In fact, the only way to create change, release major negative emotions and limiting decisions is through the Unconscious Mind.

I understood that each time I told my story of the past, it was reinstalled deep within my Unconscious Mind making my pain and fear more  profound. Trying to control my thoughts and be positive took great effort, and I found myself struggling to maintain a peaceful conscious mind. I recognized that it was my choice and my decision to begin a journey. My journey was to invest in the most important relationship I would ever have, the relationship with my Unconscious Mind.

The Journey never ends

The journey for me is still ongoing and will continue to grow as I take each step forward. I honor my past, I appreciate my scars, my pain, and my story is one of courage and strength. I have learned to be kind to myself, be present in each moment and appreciate what I have, right now! Gratitude that is real and sincere amplifies a healthy conscious mind and
installs a healthy visual for the Unconscious Mind.

The greatest relationship you will have is the one you create with your Unconscious Mind. Change can happen with each step you take forward,  working closely with your Unconscious Mind! Remember its always your choice, your decision, your journey!