Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Now!

Have you tried to stop smoking? Smoking is a behaviour that is not easy to quit. Whether you have been smoking for years or just a few months, it’s hard to stop. Sometimes a little help can go a long way. 

How can Hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is the process of passing the Conscious Mind directly to the Unconscious Mind. Keep in mind that the Unconscious Mind holds:

  • all learning
  • change
  • patterns
  • behaviours

For this reason, Hypnosis is exceptionally successful for smoking cessation. An example of this is when the client reaches a deep trance-like state. At this point, hypnotic suggestions are then given to the Unconscious Mind to hear:

  • New strategies
  • Signals to stop smoking when the client feels a craving
  • Metaphors of what life is like to stop smoking and as a NON-SMOKER

Assessment before your session

A detailed assessment is essential before Hypnotherapy. The evaluation provides the hypnotherapist time to dissect the smoking strategy and find out:

  • How smoking happens
  • What triggers you to smoke
  • When smoking happens
  • you smoking Strategy

Hypnosis is useful to change any behaviour! Your Unconscious Mind holds the ability to change patterns and habits easily. Reprogram your Unconscious Mind. 

What can you expect?

If you have never experienced a hypnotherapy session, you might be wondering what is involved. Firstly, as indicated, an assessment is a must. Secondly, the Hypnotherapist then gets to work, creating a script with new:

  • suggestions
  • patterns
  • self-care

The whole basis of Hypnosis is the process of speaking to the Unconscious Mind. Keep in mind that the Unconscious Mind is literal and responds to suggestions for your benefit. Most importantly, the Hypnotherapist and client must have rapport. All of these components put together result in a successful session. Lastly, repetition is vital for the Unconscious Mind to anchor these new patterns and strategies.


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