Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Now!

Have you tried to kick the habit of smoking? You may be a smoker for many years wanting to quit with the hope that you can immediately stop. Smoking is only a behavior, and like any behavior it serves a purpose and has a strategy.

How can Hypnosis help you stop smoking?

Hypnosis is the tool to bypass the Conscious Mind directly to the Unconscious Mind. Keep in mind that the Unconscious Mind is where all learning, change, patterns and behaviors exist. In other words, changing behavior consciously is extremely difficult. For this reason, when Hypnosis is used, and the client is in a blissful state of trance suggestions are then given with:
  • New strategies
  • Signals to stop when the client feels a craving
  • Metaphors of what life is like as a non-smoker

Ideally to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis a detailed assessment must take place outlining:

  • How, when and where smoking happens
  • Triggers that move you to smoke
  • Smoking Strategy
Hypnosis is effective to change any behavior! Change happens quickly when working directly with the Unconscious Mind. Book your assessment today and begin Now!