Relationship Rescue


Are you currently in a difficult relationship or find yourself attracting the same spouse or partner over and over again?

Everyone at one time or another may find themselves in need of a Relationship Rescue. The Relationships we develop can cover multiple people such as; the love of your life, parents, siblings, extended family, best friend, coworkers etc. To emphasize this, in the world of Coaching and Hypnosis it is often said “how do you one thing is how you do all things”. In other words, the strategies we use are consistent in all areas of life.

You may be feeling…

You may be in a difficult relationship, and find yourself feeling:

  • Stuck or stagnant
  • Unloved
  • Unappreciated
  • Unhappy
  • Angry, frustrated or irritated
  • Anxiety

In other words, these are a few of the emotions that can develop in a difficult relationship. Initially the first response is to look at how we are treated. Frequently you may be taken back to a time of how things started initially, “what happened to the good times and the warm fuzzy feelings you had”?  In fact, reflection on the past can be useful, however, there is a fine line when these thoughts turn to the blame game, criticism, and an endless loop of feeling stuck.

How do you rescue your relationship?

Firstly, you cannot change anyone, other than yourself. Examine the dynamics in each of your relationships, and determine:

  • Is there a common theme?
  • Are you attracting the same personality type in each relationship?
  • Have you used the same coping skills?

Getting to the root of why you are stuck will give you the ability to release limiting decisions or beliefs surrounding past and present relationships. Most importantly freeing yourself of destructive strategies will pave the way for the relationship you have with yourself.

How can Coaching and Hypnosis help?

Remember the direct link to change behavior, limiting beliefs and get what you want is with your Unconscious Mind.

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