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Poverty OR Success is a Mindset

Your mindset determines your current reality! Given we are now in a world-wide pandemic, your thoughts may be flooded with fear of the unknown. Fear is a huge contributor blocking your thoughts from moving your mindset of poverty to success. On average we process about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. It’s safe to say with this amount of mental traffic, most of our thoughts are negative instead of positive.

For example, turn on the television or surf the net and find yourself overloaded with financial statistics, unstable economy, and crime. I’m not saying “ignorance is bliss”, I am saying “limit what you read and watch”. Strive for balance, remember the goal is to move your mindset from poverty over to success. Are you hearing the little voice in the back of your mind echo “easier said than done.”  True, it might be easier to think of turning off all outside influences instead of doing it. And yet this why most of us struggle when it comes to attracting abundance.

What does the poverty mindset look like?

Most of our thinking happens within the Conscious Mind. We run approximately 60-80 thousand thoughts each day, sorting through them would be an endless task. If it were possible to examine our thoughts, we might be able to benchmark our mindset. Take a closer look at what you think and focus on the most. Moreover, do continuously ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Will I have a job or stable income streams?
  • Can I meet all my financial obligations?
  • How can I get myself out of debt?
  • Do I have the means to provide for myself and my family?

Now its completely normal to ask yourself some of these questions from time to time. However, are you consistently overwhelmed with worry, doubt, and fear? Running a loop of worry and fear will only bring more anxiety and stress. Emotions such as these result in a cocktail of limiting beliefs, and compounding stress. All together these components build and add to the poverty mindset. Keep in mind any success you may have achieved fades away.

Focus adds to your mindset

What you focus on most, adds to the conditioning of your mindset. If you are constantly running scenarios about lack of money, these thoughts build up and add to the mindset of what is lacking. To emphasize your mindset not only determines what you attract it also creates your reality. Trying to control your mental traffic from lack to abundance is almost impossible.

So even though we run almost 80,000 thoughts per day it is possible to move your poverty mindset to success. Instead of trying to control your thoughts begin by strengthening your focus. Become mindful of what you draw your attention to. Begin with small simple steps and you will notice how your mindset will move and follow suit.

Turn your poverty mindset around with determination

Turning your mindset from poverty to success requires a strong will and a whole lot of determination. Bear in mind you are the creator of your reality and responsible for how you:

  • Think
  • React
  • Feel
  • Behave
  • Believe

You may agree that its never easy to start something new. Sometimes it is almost always easier to stick with what you know. Declaring or making a resolution is great and eventually, it becomes easier to fail because the mindset is not in success mode.

Here’s an example

For example, the diet industry alone in the United States is worth over 72 billion dollars. How can this be? Easy people want to be thin and have the body they desire, and yet they haven’t changed their mindset to reflect their ideal body image. Until this happens people stay stuck and the diet industry continues to grow.

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Small steps toward success

So, are you are running the poverty mindset or thinking mostly of what is lacking? If yes, then there is no better time than right now to start shifting your mindset from poverty to success.

Change Your Self Talk

Thoughts are surrounded by words which create dialogue. The Conscious Mind is active, animated and lively when it comes to our inner conversations. Imagine if it were possible to examine our inner conversations. Would you agree that the majority of what we think and say is negative? True our internal dialogue is mostly negative toward ourselves and sometimes others.

A Mental Diet is needed

What I will tell you is that we all need to go on a diet ASAP. Yes, a Mental Diet to change our inner conversations and mindset. A quote from Neville Goddard in 1958, Mental Diet’s “Most of us are totally unaware of the fact that our inner conversations are the causes of the circumstance of our life”. Neville was one of the first to explain how inner conversations cause our reality.

Keep in mind inner conversations can be changed and created. Assume you are a screen writer and director of your life play. Within your mind write your script and practice the dialogue the way you would like it to be. Remember learning to do something new always feels uncomfortable at the beginning. Be the creator of your mindset by speaking to yourself as if you are wealthy and successful.

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Build a new vocabulary

The words we use pack a powerful punch. Words can negate what we want, or mean the complete opposite. Here are some examples:

  • If my business take off…
  • When I get a contract…
  • I should have…
  • Next time I will try harder…
  • My job is great but

The language use is always heard by the Unconscious Mind. Remember, take into consideration the Unconscious Mind is literal and does not know what is wanted or unwanted. Language is received and understood by the Unconscious Mind literally so, use clear direct language. Click here receive a free Mindset Reboot Starter Kit with Vocabulary Checklist.

Create new beliefs from poverty to success

Beliefs are created by us and many are formed before the age of 7.  While these beliefs develop over time, we are not conscious of them. Guess what, our limiting beliefs filter into our dialogue and conversations. These are a few you may recall or have heard yourself say:

  • Starting a Business… I can’t possibly start a business
  • Learning math… I was never smart in math
  • Number’s and budgets… yeah not my thing
  • Money… there’s never enough money
  • Career… I always get passed over for promotion

Over time these beliefs anchor deeply within us and add to the mindset. Thinking you are always passed over for a promotion or that you are always only making ends meat build on our beliefs. When a belief is limiting and is nurtured by the words we use, it expands and grows. Moving your mindset from poverty to success can happen. Again, you can change what you believe by deciding to. Secondly be accountable for what you say.

Get moving toward the mindset of success

Are you ready to remove these limiting beliefs and begin creating new ones? Consider Hypnosis and change what you believe to:

  • Success
  • Intelligence
  • Empowerment
  • Self-Love
  • Worthiness

 Use your imagination

Imagination is how you show your Unconscious Mind what is. Remember how the Unconscious Mind is wired, it does not know what is real or not real and is literal. When you spend time using your imagination to see abundance, money, love in your life your mindset begins to shift. Also, imagination builds on beliefs, showing your Unconscious Mind possibilities.

Neville Goddard had many lectures on how use the imagination. An easy way to use your imagination is before bed.  See yourself as the greatest director crafting and designing a block buster film. Large vivid colors, action packed with you starring as the heroine or hero. Listen to the movie you have created in stereo with empowering dialogue. Fully imagine your movie with the specifics of what you want and then slowly drift off to sleep.

Do this each night, over time your will not only speed up your manifestations, you are also reprogramming your Unconscious Mind. Furthermore, this process is also how Self Hypnosis works. Click HERE Online Self Hypnosis

Meditate your way from the poverty mindset to success

Moving your mindset of poverty to success DOES require some effort. Begin with cleaning up mental traffic or self-chatter to quiet the mind. Ideally meditation is excellent for the Conscious Mind and slows down mental traffic. Mediation does not have to be hours long or a large process to learn. In addition, you do not have to learn different types of meditation to mediate.

Initially when I began meditation, I struggled for a few reasons because I over thought it. Realizing this I made it simple and just sat in silence. Overtime, I learned different techniques to observe my thoughts. Then again, I didn’t put expectations on myself of how many thoughts popped or how long I should sit for

Keep in mind the goal to sit quietly, limit mental traffic and negative self-chatter. Start your day off with intention and meditate in silence. Before long, you will notice your dialogue and inner conversations change over to a success mindset.

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Make your mindset priority

Who and what you are, is determined by your mindset! Determine whether you are running a poverty or success driven mindset. One way to know is by evidence. Can you see evidence of success, prosperity and abundance or are you stuck and spinning? You are in always in the driver’s seat of your life. Change your thoughts and your change your world. Make your mindset your priority!

Shifting and changing your mindset takes some time and is a journey. And remember too that you do not need to start from scratch. Begin moving yourself from poverty thinking to success. Are you ready?

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