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Hello! I’m Teresa

Trainer of Hypnosis and a Master Coach

I began my journey a few years ago when I hit a major bump in the road. Life was busy as a Mom of 2 children while working in my career. My youngest child had just started preschool at the age of 3, It was too long before I  heard from the preschool.  Not only did I hear that my child had difficulty integrating into a structured school system. the list of labels was endless. Immediately we began ongoing therapy which was expensive and not producing results.

The beginning of pain and desperation

Feeling desperation and panic was an understatement, wondering why this was happening to us. This was the start of immense pain and hurt. Have you heard the saying “when you’re down, there’s nowhere to go but up”, well I was down and desperate.  In addition, I realized I was focused on what I was lacking; my mindset was filled with negative self-chatter. Above all, I began to see the negative in everything around me, which brought on more desperation and sadness. On and on this cycle continued until I couldn’t take any more.

Grief and sadness moved me to a decision,  the decision. The decision to move forward, take action and create the changes I needed to heal. In other words, I realized that the journey was never about anyone else, it was always about me. My journey has taught me that regardless of what your story is, PAIN is always PAIN.

We have now come full circle and as a family and have healed from the pain and trauma. My call to action was loud and clear! I learned new tools and resources and began implementing them in my everyday life. This was not a comfortable process as it pushed me past my comfort zone.

Ready to take charge?

Firstly, moving towards creating the life you want begins with a CHOICE. Secondly, you must DECIDE that you are ready to move past pain and grief. Now, once you have decided to take the journey get ready to begin creating the life you want! Are you ready to take charge?

You can heal and create change

I am here to tell that you can heal, create change and manifest all you desire. As a Trainer of Hypnosis and a Master Coach, I have had the opportunity to guide clients to achieve success. Remember it’s your choice, your decision, your journey!


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