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Can You Become a Professional at Mindful Living?

Would you agree that overtime you can learn to become a professional at mindful living? Yes over time you can become a professional with your mindset. To point out, it’s not like turning on a switch, and voila, you are now mindful. The practice of learning to think at a higher level has been around for centuries. However, once you become good at Living and thinking with a clear mind, your life begins to change in ways you never thought possible. So yes, you can learn to become a professional at Mindful Living.

What does Mindful Living mean?

Before I get ahead of myself, I think it’s best to simplify what mindful Living is. Mindfulness is the state of being focused and present in each moment. With this comes the ability to think clearly and manage daily circumstances with a positive attitude

Mindfulness is a broad subject with many parts to it. As you explore the practice of Mindful Living, you can easily become overwhelmed and discouraged. Therefore, take a look at different options and go with what feels acceptable to you. Some parts of mindful Living include:

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Living a mindful life as a professional

Becoming a professional at mindful Living doesn’t mean you have to jump the bandwagon and do it all at once. Beginning a new regime like creating higher-self thinking can happen slowly over time. Imagine running a marathon! The best strategy is to pace yourself to the finish line. Similarly committing to daily practice will move you to manage:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • sadness
  • depression

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A closer look at what Mindful Living has to offer

I think it’s best to hone in on what you might enjoy most when beginning mindful Living. Creating a new mindset routine should be joyful and not feel burdensome. Above all being clear on your reason for shifting your thought process and thinking is a MUST to achieve wholeness. Why not make it a goal to add one or two practices to your daily regime? Over time you can expect to see and feel yourself:

  • have a peaceful mind
  • think more on the positive side
  • see possibilities instead of limitation
  • make faster decisions
  • experience increased focus

Key points to changing your mindset

Now that we’ve gone over the advantages of living a mindful life, here are some options to get you started. As you are scrolling down the list, not all of these practices will jump out at you. And that’s okay; explore the ones you find interesting. Seriously it’s about you and what will keep you motoring on your path to becoming a professional at Mindful Living.

1) Time to rest and relax

Take some time to rest and relax, sounds cheesy, I know. And yet, how much time do you take for yourself? Life as we know it is heavily scheduled, working one or two jobs, carpooling, cooking, cleaning and much more. Not to mention we do it all over again the next day. Your idea of resting and relaxing will be different from someone else. Here are some simple ways to kick back for even a few minutes each day:

  • take a cat nap
  • read a chapter in a book
  • curl up with a tea or coffee
  • take a short walk

A few minutes a day designated to resting or relaxing is enough to reset the Mind and keep you motivated.

2) Daily meditation to clear conscious thoughts

Meditation is a tool that I widely advocate and have mentioned in my other blog posts. A healthy mindset is dependent on meditation and Self-Hypnosis. Not to mention Meditation is the process of having a calm mind and positive thinking. The misconception is that you have to practice yoga to meditate, and this is not true.

In reality, it takes many years to become good at meditation or get to a place of heightened enlightenment. Living a mindful life is a process and will have it’s up and downs. So, start simple and begin with 5 minutes a day. Set the timer if you need to for 5 minutes and sit quietly. This Blog is not about how to meditate; I have the process covered in another post. Click Here Hypnosis or Meditation 

3) Clear out the negative let in the positive

Where and with whom you hang out also dictates the type of mindset you are running. I am never about extremes only about awareness. If everyone around you is negative and unhappy, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to feel and behave this way. 

Take stock of your surroundings, your friends and your family. Listen to your conversations, notice if they centered around negativity? Mindful Living refers to a journey or path. It’s impossible to become mindful while surrounded in negativity. To some degree, you can change your surroundings or acquaintances — however, it’s non-negotiable with close friends and family. So focus on how you act and behave by steering away from negative talk.

4) Exercise to release endorphins 

A little exercise goes a long way. If training comes naturally to you, then I’m sure you will agree on how good you feel after. This post is not about the type of exercise or how to work out. The point is to move and get those endorphins activated. The release of endorphins triggers your Mind to be happy and joyful. A little exercise goes a long way.

 5) Become grounded

Grounding is a tool widely used in energy work. An easy way to explain grounding is to live in the present moment. Living in the moment releases worry and stress, and keeps you focused. As well, when you are grounded, your mindset will follow along.

6) Yoga for mind body spirit

Yoga for mind-body relaxation is common knowledge and accepted. Studios have opened up with people going to strengthen not only their body also their Mind. Of course, yoga may or may not be for you. However, you won’t know unless you try a class. Check out your local studio; they often offer free trial classes.

7) Reiki Energy for Self Healing

Reiki is a universal energy that is present within us. When learning Reiki to work on others or yourself, the energy transfers from teacher to student. Performing daily self-healing on Mind, body and spirit is congruent with living a mindful life. The basic principle of Reiki to live in the moment “just for today.”
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8) Self Hypnosis to work the Unconscious Mind

As a Hypnotherapist, Self Hypnosis is the arena I love to play in. Self-Hypnosis is significant and is used to change: 

  • beliefs
  • strategies
  • decisions

The field of Hypnosis is large and used by either licensed or certified professionals. Having said this, you do not need to be a professional to learn Self-Hypnosis. Anyone can learn how to perform Self-Hypnosis easily. Regularly doing Self-Hypnosis will result in speeding up your manifestations. Training now available online in 4 easy to learn modules. 


9) Forgive the past and become free

Forgiving the past does not mean a hall pass for everyone who mistreated you. Forgiveness is freedom for you to let go of:

  • anger
  • hurt
  • shame
  • fear
  • guilt
  • sadness

Are you stuck in the past, repeating the same tale over and over again? Here’s the clincher is this good for you? Your story is valid, part of your journey and has moulded you to be who you are right now. So consider forgiving the past by creating a new version of your story. Take the emphasis off the hurt and make it about how far you’ve come. 

10) Be open to learning and change

The word journey is overused, and the term Mindful Living is not a new concept either. So think of Mindfulness as a bunch of tools in your tool belt. Some of the tools are in constant use and others when the need arises. When you have an open mind to learning, your mindset is consistent. This new way of existence gives you the ability to adapt to change. Overtime what you will notice is that there is little resistance or arguing. 

Wrap up 

So this is my take on how to begin living a Mindful Life. Anyone can change how they behave and react at any stage in life. The question is, are you willing to put some elbow grease into redefining who you are? Taking the path of Mindful Living does open up a can of worms because it requires you to be truthful and transparent with yourself. 

My words of advice, be kind to yourself. You cannot change the past; however, you can create the future. At the start of this Blog, I asked, “Can you become a professional at Mindful Living.” My answer is yes, you can! What’s stopping you?

Do you want to begin Mindful Living and not sure where to start? I’d be happy to guide you along. Click Here for a Free Mindset Reboot Starter KitStart living a Mindful Life Now.

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