Imagine Your Manifestation While You Sleep

What does your imagination and sleeping have to do with your manifestation process? Manifestation is associated with Law of Attraction and has been described as the path to getting everything you want. In fact, people who use Law of Attraction know that once you understand the process, success falls at your feet. Then again you might be contemplating why  Law of Attraction is not working optimally for you?

Ingredients necessary for manifestation…

In the first place when using Law of Attraction, you must work with your:

The Unconscious Mind when manfesting

Picture the Unconscious Mind as your main engine, where all learning, behavior and any change takes place. For one thing the Unconscious Mind is literal and will process and accept the pictures, words and feelings it is given.  Remember the Unconscious Mind is literal, it is safe to say that it can only process the data it receives. It is important to realize changing your current reality can ONLY happen through your Unconscious Mind. Now, the creative process happens when manifesting!


Go back… Can you remember yourself as a young child playing? Or observe your own children playing. Children spend hours imaging and playing. It is not until somewhere around the age of 7 we lose our sense of imagination. To emphasize we begin to adopt ideas and opinions from others and small seeds are planted. These small seeds become anchored and we develop limiting beliefs and decisions.

Our imagination is critical to create a visual of what we want to manifest. Think of yourself sitting in a movie theatre, seeing a block buster movie. Now imagine yourself as a director of your own movie and create your reality.

Self- Hypnosis and the manifestation process

Self-Hypnosis is how to communicate with the Unconscious Mind. Once you get into bed at night, begin to inhale and then exhale. Breathing relaxes the body and induces self-trance. At this point you can begin to speak to your Unconscious Mind with clear, direct language. Self-Hypnosis works hand in hand with your imagination and your Unconscious Mind.

Imagine Your Way to Manifestation While You Sleep on YouTube

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