What is Hypnosis?

The path to being, doing and having what you want!

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the path to being, doing and having what you want!

Have you ever driven your car and gone three stops too far or zoned out while listening to a conversation?

This is called TRANCE. 

In fact, we are always in a state of trance! Regardless our gender, age or cultural background we experience trance many times during the day. 

Hypnosis has been practiced for centuries…

It is an age-old practice. And, it was common in ancient Greece for people to attend a healing temple for deep prayer. Also in ancient India, a Sanskrit book was used to encourage deep levels of relaxation often described as sleep walking or dream sleep. Finally, the Bible, has many stories of miracle healings through the power of deep prayer.

Throughout the centuries, including this one,  Hypnosis is a common practice. Furthermore, some early examples of Hypnosis used during the 1800’s began when Physicians used trance to perform surgeries on patients. Moreover, they reported their patients were able to achieve deep levels of trance and feel no pain during surgery.

Hypnosis today…

Traditional Hypnosis today is guided by a Hypnotherapist to enter deep levels of trance. To illustrate, while in deep trance, the Hypnotherapist will speak directly to the Unconscious Mind giving suggestions. For instance, it is not uncommon for a Hypnotherapist to create and use a script while guiding the client through the session. Scripts are created for the client with suggestions to reach maximum potential, promote self-healing and initiate change in unwanted behaviors.

All learning, change and behavior must happen through the Unconscious Mind.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose control while in trance?

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You might wonder… Will I lose control during a Hypnosis session?

When you are in the state of trance expect to be fully relaxed and always in control. Trance is a series of steps to bypass the Conscious Mind directly to the Unconscious Mind. To illustrate, the Unconscious Mind is securely guarded with a barrier of protection. For example, imagine an onion cut in half, inside are many rings leading to the core. Therefore, the Unconscious Mind is securely guarded by these layers of protection.

So, the answer to “will I lose control” is NO! There must be rapport and trust between the Client and Hypnotherapist. Also, suggestions given to the Unconscious Mind must line up with your values and ethics. With this being said suggestions must promote mental, emotional and physical wholeness.

What is involved during a Hypnotherapy Session?

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What is Involved in a Hypnotherapy Session?

As a matter of fact, Hypnosis is  the process of bypassing the Conscious Mind to the Unconscious Mind. Keep in mind, to receive successful Hypnotherapy and create change, a thorough assessment is required. Specifically, a thorough assessment will bring out “how you do what you do” and your:

  • strategies
  • emotions
  • actions

Assessments are really the process of collecting data, so that that a tailor-made script can be created for your session. All Hypnosis sessions, online or in-person, are infused with Reiki energy healing.

What can you expect during your first session?

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What you can expect during your first Hypnotherapy session…

You will:

• be in control
• have an awareness of your surroundings
• feel relaxed in a calming, soothing environment
• surrounded by music designed for Hypnosis
• enjoy feeling a light to medium trance
• be awakened and refreshed at the end of your session

Who can benefit from Hypnosis?

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Who can benefit from Hypnosis?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from Hypnosis. If you are interested in:

  • eliminating unwanted behaviors
  • seeing and feeling success
  • being motivated to start and complete tasks
  • achieve alignment within

Hypnosis is the perfect way to do this to achieve all of the above! Working directly with your Unconscious Mind will open the way for manifesting faster so that you can be, do and have what you desire.