Hypnosis Kicking Out The Myths 

Bringing Out the Facts

hypnosis myths & facts

Hypnosis kicking out myths

Hypnosis kicking out the myths and bringing out the facts, is it for you? It can be common to see different reactions when the word Hypnosis is said out loud. Depending on your perspective or viewpoint Hypnosis can leave your feeling intrigued or uncomfortable. Over the years, Hypnosis has been manipulated, tried and tested. The theory being that Hypnosis could provide a way to:

  • Manipulate
  • Brainwash or
  • Control 
  • Hypnosis bringing out the facts

Let’s bring out some facts on Hypnosis so that you can know how it can work for you. Over the centuries, people have practiced Hypnosis openly and in private. Without getting into a detailed history lesson, let’s look at how far Hypnosis has come over time.  

Ancient Greece – It was common practice for people who were sick to go to healing temples. Therefore, healing temples were known to have prayers bestowing healing to people who attended.

Ancient India – Sanskrit books encouraged deep relaxation levels, often described as sleep-walking or dream-sleep. 

The Bible – Miraculous healing’s through the power of deep prayer.

1800’s – Physicians began using the art of Hypnosis to perform surgeries on patients. They reported that their patients achieved deep levels of trance and did not feel pain during surgery.

Hypnosis myths facts and your viewpoint

Viewpoints on Hypnosis can be different based on your cultural or spiritual background. For example, some cultures surround their spiritual practice on achieving enlightenment or reaching higher-self levels. In the last few decades, a holistic approach to mind, body spirit has taken off in North America. Meditation has now become a common practice with an emphasis on the Subconscious Mind. 

As a Hypnotherapist who has worked with many clients, teaching the Subconscious Mind connection is essential. However, as a teen and young adult, I was not open to the concept of Hypnosis. Moreover, I was raised in a strict religious household, and the opinion was that anything other than prayer was considered sinful. My feeling of being guarded was paramount when it came to anything holistic, including Hypnosis or meditation.

However, in the last few years, there has been a massive shift in thinking. People are open to learning about alternative types of self-care practice. Meditation and mindfulness are pursued and implemented in places of work and schools. Yoga has become common practice with yoga studios opening up in most communities. This shift has also been instrumental in:

  • alleviating anxiety
  • relieving stress
  • releasing negative emotions
  • promoting self-healing
  • building a healthy mindset

Hypnosis Facts and the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis myth and facts are essential when working with the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is the main engine that runs you as a human being. Moreover, the Subconscious Mind is the container which holds:

  • memories and emotions
  • values and ethics
  • strategies and meta programs

To illustrate, Hypnosis is the method necessary for speaking directly to the Subconscious Mind. For example, you may have heard of subliminal messaging or reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind. Moreover, both these methods bypass conscious thinking opening up access to the Subconscious Mind. To clarify, you must be in a relaxed state called trance when speaking to the Subconscious Mind. Hence Hypnosis is a trance-inducing technique which requires specific language for the Subconscious Mind to change:

  • patterns
  • strategies
  • beliefs
  • behaviours

Hypnosis myths regarding brainwashing or mind control

Can you be brainwashed or controlled mentally and emotionally? If it were that simple to re-wire people into doing whatever you told them to do, we would have human robots walking the earth. To emphasize suggestions given to the Subconscious Mind must always promote wholeness and ultimately be for the client’s betterment. 

Hypnosis fact brainwashing does not work!

How can you be confident that brainwashing does not work? For example, the CIA conducted experiments on brainwashing in 1953 called Project MKUltra.  Project MKUltra initially was designed to brainwash and control individuals through:

  • sensory and sleep deprivation
  • lack of food
  • torment
  • abuse

As a result, Project MKUltra concluded that once individuals were out of their hostile environment, they returned to their core values and Meta Programs. So, the answer to this question is, no one can control or brainwash you into doing anything you do not want to do.

hypnosis frequent questions

Hypnosis Myths Facts and Questions

The process of Hypnosis is the tool necessary to speak to your Subconscious Mind while in a state of trance. Trance is needed because it creates a relaxed state of being, where conscious thinking is slow or difficult. On average, we process sixty to eighty thousand thoughts per day. Therefore, bypassing conscious thinking is essential when working directly with the Subconscious Mind

Can I be Hypnotized?

The answer is YES! And only you can decide whether you can be hypnotized or not. Hypnosis is the process of achieving deep levels of trance. And trance is a natural state to be in; actually, we are often in a trance-like state throughout the day. An example of trance is similar to driving your car. Can you recall going two or three blocks past your turn or arrive at your destination, almost as if the car has driven itself? This happens when you are in a state of trance.

What can I expect from a Hypnosis Session?

Before your Hypnotherapy session, an initial assessment takes place. During this session, rapport and trust are a must with the Hypnotherapist. It’s your choice whether you will take the journey with the Hypnotherapist. Suppose the client does not trust or feel comfortable with the Hypnotherapist. In that case, the Subconscious Mind will most likely reject the suggestions it receives.

Once your session takes place, you can expect to be in a light to medium trance. It’s common to know your surroundings in the room, hear your breathing and the Hypnotherapist. And of course, if you decide you will not enter trance, then the outcome is always NO. Either way, you are always in control.

What are suggestions, and how do they work?

Once you are in a deep trance, the Hypnotherapist can bypass the Conscious Mind and speak directly to the Subconscious Mind. To clarify, the Subconscious Mind responds to language that is:

  • direct
  • clear
  • positive

Remember, the Subconscious Mind is tightly protected and will only listen to new suggestions for change. These suggestions must be to better your life; create new beliefs for success, and change toxic behaviours. 

How can Hypnosis help me?

To emphasize, you can use Hypnosis to change any unwanted:

  • behaviour or habit
  • strategy or patterns

In other words, you can kick to the curb what is not suitable for you or any unwanted behaviours—for example, quitting smoking, addictions and weight loss. The potential to create change with Hypnosis is limitless.

Another critical point to keep in mind, Hypnosis is ideal for helping adults, teens and children. Hypnosis is brilliant to alleviate or enhance:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • learning
  • confidence
  • self-esteem

Can I do Hypnosis on myself?

YES! You can do Self Hypnosis on yourself. Self Hypnosis is easier than you think and is available online. CLICK HERE for Self Hypnosis Online Training. Firstly, learning the specific steps to get into a trance-like state is first in Hypnosis. Secondly, knowing the words to use, questions to ask, and language is how to do Self Hypnosis on yourself. 

Ultimately becoming familiar with Self Hypnosis will motivate you to use it. And inspire you to become your best self. 


Wrap Up Hypnosis Myths and Facts

Hypnosis has been used over the centuries to promote:

  • self-healing
  • attain knowledge
  • connect to your higher self
  • achieve a profound spiritual level. 

The everyday use of Hypnosis has remained the same. However, it is also used clinically by:

  • practitioners
  • licensed therapists
  • psychologists
  • physicians. 

We have also progressed to the point of learning and using Hypnosis for self.

Using Hypnosis also speeds up manifesting what you desire, using the Law of Attraction. The law of Attraction and your Subconscious Mind work together. And Hypnosis is the tool to connect the Subconscious Mind and the Law of Attraction. Both work flawlessly together. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW Learn how to speak to your Subconscious Mind.

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How can I guide you to connect with your Subconscious Mind?


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