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Money a complicated love-hate relationship! How can you save it?

Money is a very touchy subject! Most people are uncomfortable talking about their finances or money in general. Why is the topic of cash usually swept under the carpet or avoided at all costs? It may be because there is a mentality of what is lacking, not earning or having enough. To put it bluntly your relationship with money can be in a love-hate state. On the flip side, you may have a lot of money feeling uncomfortable with how much you have or of your success.

Your love-hate relationship with money stems from deep, rooted limited beliefs. How do you know if you are running limiting beliefs concerning cash? Most of our limiting beliefs and decisions are not evident at the conscious level. Therefore, it results in the conflict of having a love-hate relationship with money and the inability to attract abundance and prosperity. 
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Limiting beliefs impact your love-hate relationship with money

How do you know if you even have the slightest love-hate relationship with money? Pay attention to your inner conversations or discussions with your partner, colleagues, family, etc. Have you caught yourself using statements like or similar to:

  • Money does not grow on trees.
  • Listen carefully. I am not made of money!
  • The root of all evil is money!
  • Rich people get richer, and the poor get poorer.
  • I’m not good with money!
  • My family has always been poor.
  • Only lucky people make a lot of money.
  • I don’t need a lot of money to be happy.
  • We can’t afford it!
  • There isn’t enough money.

I added ten statements surrounding money, which I have heard from others and even myself from time to time. These are ridiculously old beliefs that we buy into and take on as our own. Beliefs are NOT mandatory; you are not locked in or stuck; what you believe can be changed

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Strategies contribute to the love-hate relationship with money.

What’s involved when it comes to saving your love-hate relationship with money? To begin with the relationship, you have with money, regardless if it is working for you or not, is only a strategy. Strategies consist of deep-rooted beliefs, which turn into patterns resulting in behavior. 

Can you change your strategy?

Strategies are changed and implemented daily. Sole entrepreneurs are continually looking at their strategy for social media, blogging, Pinterest, etc. Corporations have large departments with various teams to review, change, and create strategies. The focal point is to look at what IS or IS NOT working, strategize, and finally implement.

Changing strategies as a business owner or a corporation, for the most part, has the feeling of being neutral with your emotions. On a personal level, we run programs, beliefs, and behavior that connect to our feelings. And keep in mind too, its harder to look in the mirror, own your sh*t and become accountable for where you are.

10 Steps to save your love-hate money relationship

1) Review your relationship with money

What was your environment like growing up? Did you experience:

  • your parents struggle to make ends meet
  • live paycheck to paycheck
  • unable to save money
  • enjoy minimal leisure like going out for dinner or vacations

or maybe the complete opposite

  • your parents earning a steady wage or large copious amounts of money in business
  • savings for a rainy day and retirement, even your college fund
  • enjoy vacations, going out for dinner entertaining and so on

The early stages of life help define and shape our beliefs, strategies, and behaviour. Again this is not a license to blame our upbringing, but it does gauge how we view our relationship with money. Likewise, growing up with a lack of cash or an abundance of money adds to the love-hate relationship. Click Here Get a Free Mindset Reboot Starter Kit!

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2) Listen to your inner conversations

Our inner conversations happen at a conscious level. These conversations happen quickly, as I’ve said in other blog posts, we run about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. It’s essential to realize it is almost impossible to control your thoughts or mental traffic, not to mention completely exhausting.

Start by creating inner conversations that work for you. These internal conversations happen all the time. Why not develop talks that work in your favour. Food for thought you might feel uncomfortable or fake trying this, and yet your Unconscious Mind does not know what is wanted or unwanted. Think of your inner conversations like baking a cake. Sprinkle in some positive affirmations, stir in metaphors, create your story of success. It’s easier to script your internal dialogue instead of trying to control your thoughts.

3) A snapshot of your visualizations

Visualization is how your Unconscious Mind receives information, and let’s not forget we attract what we see. Creating pictures in your mind’s eye might be easier for some and not others. Despite this, we can imagine. 

Children before the age of seven spend the majority of their time learning through imaginary play. Somewhere around the age of seven, kids begin to adapt to the outside world and slowly eliminate using their imagination. Tap into your creativity, create a world of abundance and prosperity. Use your imagination to sculpt and shape your relationship with money from love-hate to profit, prosperity, and residual income. 

 4) Make your feelings count

How you feel about money will also add to your love-hate relationship status. You cannot feel poor and be prosperous. Feelings are similar to the daily mental traffic we run. Instead of trying to control your emotions work on getting to the next best feeling.

Here’s the thing, getting to the next best feeling is hard to do when you are feeling stressed and anxious about money. Getting to the next best feeling takes work and effort. However, over time it is easier to get into these feel-good states.

5) Get real about your money beliefs

What you believe holds a whole lot of power! Most of our beliefs are right in front of us, loud and bold, and some are quiet and unrecognized. Either way, what we believe will determine the status of or our relationship with money. 

Beliefs that are limiting never work for us, and can be released and replaced. You can save your relationship with money by changing these limiting beliefs. Daily affirmations pack a powerful punch and, in the long run, add to beliefs in yourself and your potential.  

 6) Work with a Life Coach

We all need a little help sometimes. Working with a Life Coach will quickly move you to save your love-hate relationship with money. What are the benefits of working with a Coach? For one thing, Coaching is strategic and results-based. You can expect to determine:

  • limiting beliefs and decisions
  • unresolved negative emotions
  • deep-rooted strategies, patterns, and behaviours

A few sessions will go a long way and help you unload what’s not working. Keep in mind that you must begin this type of process with someone you trust and respect. Then expect to save not only your money relationship, other areas of your life too. 

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 7) Meditate to clear out conscious mental traffic

Meditation is beneficial to quiet down your conscious mind. Find a quiet spot in your home, office, den, etc. and sit. That’s right; just sit quietly! The whole purpose of meditation is to achieve a state of clarity or enlightenment. This type of study, for the most part, takes years to accomplish. So stop overthinking it and just sit.

I like to simplify the whole meditation process knowing that my mind is busy. Thoughts will pop up, and your mind will drift off. Focus on observing your thoughts floating by. Here’s an example of what it’s like to see your thoughts. Imagine you are sitting on a bench in a busy mall watching people. As you see them passing by, you notice them and yet are not involved. Use the analogy when seeing your thoughts passing by. Stick with meditation, and you will notice your mental traffic is calmer. Click on the link to get your Mindset Reboot Starter Kit.

8) Self Hypnosis to change limiting beliefs

Self Hypnosis complements meditation and conditions the Unconscious Mind. Previously I mentioned the importance of visualizing and using imagination. Your Unconscious Mind is literal and responds to what it sees and hears.  The practice of Self Hypnosis is to by-pass the Conscious Mind and mental traffic and noise. 

When Self Hypnosis becomes part of your nightly routine, your Unconscious Mind will accept suggestions from you. My Online Self Hypnosis Program will give you everything you need to get started. Using Self Hypnosis will speed up your manifestations. Click Here for Self Hypnosis Training.
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 9) Daily Affirmations – Power Statements

Affirmations are potent when used daily. I encourage my clients to begin their daily routine standing in front of a mirror, saying their affirmations out loud. Seeing yourself in the mirror voicing affirmations anchors your potential and belief in yourself. Start with easy “I am” statements and remember to say them as if you mean it.

10) Surround yourself with like-minded people

Who you keep company with will also add to your love-hate relationship with money. If you are surrounded by people who are negative, jealous or envious about cash, guess what their energy will rub off on you. 

Now hear me out, I am not saying to cut people out of your life. Some of these people may be dear friends or family. Create healthy boundaries and possibly limit some of your conversations. When you are working toward what you want to achieve in your life, keep your mindset healthy and positive. Block out opinions that will hinder your goals and a new perspective.

Wrap up

You can save your love-hate relationship with money. Instead, call it a healthy love-respect for money relationship. Once you begin to have mutual respect for money, it will allow you to feel good earning, receiving and spending it. Start now with some of these simple steps. Do you feel panicked or stressed when it concerns money? Let’s move you over to a healthy love-respect money relationship! Get your free Mindset Reboot Starter Kit.


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