Become Fearless as You Grow a Business Mindset

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Have you thought of starting a business, but feel you are not fearless or capable of growing into a business mindset? You might even have a solid idea to begin your own company. But at the same time, feel anxiety and fear, questioning whether you can succeed. For example, as a business owner and mother, I asked myself if I could become fearless and grow a business mindset. I wanted to build a business for myself and dreamed of how awesome it would be to work from home. And at the same time, panic and anxiety set it in. So I struggled with the whole concept of becoming fearless.

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Most of us dream of becoming Bloggers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs, but taking the leap is challenging. It’s quite common to talk yourself out of a business idea before you even have a chance to explore possibilities. And before you know it, the dream or idea has fizzled out, or someone else has beat you to it. Why does this happen? Because fear is a significant contributor, not to mention the absence of a business mindset.

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Be fearless instead of fearful!

So how do you push past anxiety, become fearless and grow a business mindset? The definition of fearful is “to lack fear.” In other words, stop feeling fear and voila you will become fearless. If only it were that simple. Becoming a successful business owner takes effort, elbow grease and determination. Success in business has many aspects to it; however, it all comes down to being fearless and growing a  business mindset.  

Fear is an emotion that can wreak havoc on decision making and amplifies internal negative dialogue. Moreover, there are a large number of self conversations happening within the Conscious Mind. The majority of our thoughts and inner dialogue are negative. We all feel fear and anxiety at one time or another, some of us even more so. Kicking out fear and bringing on the fearless is a journey and can happen quickly or at a slower pace. 

Step into your power

Moreover, the ingredient of stepping into your power and radiating a fearless version of you MUST happen within the Unconscious Mind. To illustrate, your Unconscious Mind is the engine that runs mind, body and soul. You can quickly get results by releasing negative emotions like fear and limiting beliefs. But how do you become fearless? Easy with Self Hypnosis, and yes, anyone can learn it and do it on themselves. CLICK BELOW for Online Self Hypnosis


Hence the leap from fearful to fearless can be enormous for some, but it is feasible to accomplish. To illustrate there are two main ingredients required for becoming fearless, a solid decision and pure motivation. And the final point to keep in mind, are you feeling fear of the unknown or deep-rooted fear. Here are some questions to ask yourself along the way:

  • Do I feel anxious all the time or only when I think of this new idea?
  • Can I visualize myself strong, brave and fearless?
  • Is the fear a constant feeling daily?

If you are feeling fearful, anxious or nervous continuously, this an indication that your feelings are deep-rooted. In this case, you can use any of these modalities below to start the release of negative emotions.

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Guided Meditation
  • Coaching
  • Hypnosis 

Grow into a business mindset

A business mindset is a skill learned in business school or developed over time. If you haven’t gone to business school, no need to fret you can refine your mindset. Regardless if you are working on a mindset for money, health, wealth, learning etc. The process and concepts are the same when it comes to business. To emphasize each mindset requires the ability to adopt:

  • powerful beliefs and decisions
  • language to match your desire
  • words – the Unconscious Mind is literal
  • mindset conditioning

I like to use the analogy of “rinse and repeat” when building a new mindset. The mindset you are running right now has taken years to develop. Changing your mindset is a process and happens over time. CLICK on the link below for my FREE Mindset Reboot Starter Kit. This starter kit has all the components to become fearless and grow a business mindset.

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1) Know what you want in life and business

Are you clear on what it is you want? The first step to getting clear is to explore what you like and what attracts you most. Self-exploration is necessary and ongoing because you evolve in life, and what you want and desire changes. I always encourage a bedside journal to jot down ideas, gratitude and inspiration. All of these ideas bring clarity to what you want in life and business.

2) Be fearless by trusting yourself completely

The most significant relationship to trust and cherish is with yourself. Trust is knowing that you are aligned and believe your Unconscious Mind. It also means you understand your intuition when it comes to ideas, decisions and success. Ultimately trust is how to become fearless and how to succeed in all areas of life.

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3) Stop people-pleasing 

People-pleasing leads to anger, sadness and regret. You can spend a lifetime trying to please everyone like:

  • clients
  • friends
  • career
  • family

And the reality is no matter how much you people-please, it may never be enough. To put it simply, follow the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but please yourself and live with integrity.

4) Speak your truth with fearlessness

Speaking your truth can be hard but well worth it. You will be respected and trusted by people in your community and your clients. And keep in mind that speaking your truth does not have to be harsh or rude. To emphasize being truthful to others and yourself is a skill that strengthens over time.

5) Drop perfection no one is perfect

Let’s get real! Most of us run a theme or movie of the perfect life or version of ourselves. For one thing, perfection doesn’t exist, and you can be letting yourself down continuously. Stop striving for perfection and instead build the life, business and home you love.

6) Find a mentor who has a thriving business mindset

Growing into a business mindset is a path that takes time, energy and effort. Find a mentor who is thriving in business that matches your values, ideals and ethics. Follow them on their social media platform, YouTube channel and learn from them. In fact, you can learn from more than one successful mentor to model in business.

7) Feel fearless 

Practice what it would feel like to be courageous. As you get into the state of bravery, expand on it. Rehearse getting into the state of feeling fearless. Over time, feeling fearless will become a natural place to be.

8) Adopt a business mindset

Let’s get real here! Business is about making money and providing for yourself and your family. A business and money mindset is the difference between whether your business will succeed or fail. And your mindset is not carved in stone; you can create success by your thoughts and words. 

9) Be assertive

Speak up, and become assertive! Being confident with your words does not give you license to be rude or mean. You can quickly speak up with a neutral or gentle tone and get your point across. Speaking assertively is fearless and how to grow a business mindset.

10) Know when to move forward or step away

Knowing when to go ahead or pack it up takes courage. And I say courage because we can be motivated by money or purely wanting to help. Ask yourself:

  • Is this opportunity within my scope of practice?
  • Can I bring value to this client?
  • Will I be able to complete this transaction?

Stepping away might be hard, and yet when you pass on an opportunity, another presents itself.

11) Buckle down and get work done

Life is busy! Buckle down and get to work. A balanced work ethic will leave you feeling empowered, and your clients will trust you. Moreover, your business will grow credibility with a five-star rating and testimonials.

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12) Make simple goals for yourself

Setting simple goals for yourself and marking your progress is ideal to see success visually. SMART goals are useful because you can identify your goals and the steps to accomplish what you want. It is exciting to set goals and see yourself accomplish it.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

13) Be comfortable in your skin

Love yourself as you are and be comfortable with who you are. You are your business, and when you emulate confidence, you will attract the right clients for you. Can you see yourself as a confident and inspiring? For example, a badass superhero with her cape and high heels, and her hair is blazing. Wear your confidence and be fearless doing it.

14) Chuck the past and old stories at the door

Leave the past at the door, and get ready to move forward with a success story. There is nothing more challenging than someone stuck in the past or playing the victim card. Use the past as lessons learned for the future. Then get out there are create the future! Scripting is fantastic for manifesting what you want.

15) Believe in your business

You must believe in your business for it to succeed. Belief is part of growing your mindset. And if you do not believe in your company, who will? You must trust in your value and business for it to succeed. Moreover, when you trust and think you have value to offer your clients, they will want to use your services, buy from you, and work with you.

16) Do mindset exercises

A mindset is like a muscle; it must be worked and exercised to strengthen. Mindset exercises are essential to change how you think and your internal conversations. These are some techniques to train your mindset and create long-lasting change:

  • I am affirmations
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Guided Meditation
  • Scripting
  • Bullet journal
  • 528 MegaHertz Brain Repair DNA

Practice and repetition will result in a strong success-driven mindset.

17) Take care of yourself first

Self care, wellness and holistic remedies have been used more in the last few years. Women work at home, run a business, have a career and raise their kids. In other words, the calendar is full with little time for yourself. Take the time to care for yourself first, and you will be a happier person who can balance all these aspects of life. You might want to explore 50 Ways to Practice Self Love and Self Care for tips and ideas to put yourself first.

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18) Walk with confidence

Wear your suit of armour or cloak of confidence. Whatever confidence looks and feels like to you, do it! This vibe will spill over into your mindset, business and bring out the fearlessness in you.

19) Do not set your bar on what others are doing

Do what’s right for you, and NEVER compare yourself to what other people are doing. Set the bar on the goals you want to achieve and yourself. Comparing yourself to others will only lead to sadness and sometimes envy. Not to mention the challenge of becoming fearless and grow a business mindset.

20) Be happy for others and yourself

Celebrate and be happy for others as they succeed. Genuine joy and happiness put out a vibration of gratitude. Admire others and be joyful for yourself and your success.

Wrap up

Step into the fearless woman that you are and begin growing your business mindset. Remember, your mindset can change with the right techniques. If you haven’t gotten your FREE MINDSET REBOOT STARTER KIT, Click on the link below. 

Mindset Reboot Starter Kit

Post your questions or comments, and I would love to hear about your business journey. And of course, how you have stepped into becoming fearless.

Teresa Scaini

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