Do you find yourself wanting to enhance your performance or perfect your ability to achieve? For example,  trying to accomplish what this would be like consciously can be challenging. The conscious mind is full of self-chatter, speaking loudly of limitations and doubt.

Are you focused on strengths or failures?

Your focus will determine the results you will see. Most importantly, what you see, feel and hear will determine your outcome. Your Unconscious Mind is the main engine that holds your deepest desires. Moreover, when you are clear on what it is you want you, NOW you can begin creating it. Your focus must be crystal clear and specific.

How can Hypnosis help you with focus?

Hypnosis is the direct link to the unconscious mind; this is where the magic happens. Most importantly while in trance during a Hypnosis session, your Unconscious Mind will:

  • See a movie in detail of what a successful competition would look like
  • Have the feeling of executing each step or function flawlessly
  • Hear the full audio of what winning and succeeding sounds like

Adding suggestions that are specific will leave your unconscious mind believing no other option. The unconscious mind accepts each suggestion as it appears. When suggestions and visuals are presented with the intention it is anchored and accepted.

Here’s an example…

I was able to work with a teen who was a figure skater. During that time I knew nothing of figure skating, as I engaged with her I was able to get to the root of why she was stuck. She was able to perform a flawless double axle on the ice with her coach during practice. However, when she was competing she would freeze or be unable to complete the double axle.

As I worked with her, we were able to visualize her routine right down to what her blade felt like as it scraped the ice. She could clearly see herself skating easily, performing her double axle perfectly. These power visualizations became suggestions to her Unconscious Mind.

Afterward, she moved on the winning regional’s and competing at higher levels. As she moved on to a higher level of competitions she began to work with her Unconscious Mind and use the tools she learned. She said that each time she competed, being completed focused she could still hear my voice guiding her.

Success happens easily when Hypnosis is used to give power suggestions to the Unconscious Mind.