Autism & Attention Deficit Disorder

Autism & ADHD Coping Strategies

Children and teens diagnosed with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder ADHD struggle with:

  • sensory processing
  • social cues
  • processing speed
  • communication

It may be difficult to see symptoms of autism or ADHD with a mild to high functioning diagnosis. Moreover, expectations in school or amongst peers are overwhelming, leaving your child or teen stressed and anxious.

How can we help kids cope?

An individual with Autism or ADHD is unique, and the area of need may vary. However, it is essential to identify coping skills for daily use. And take a closer look at the symptoms and strategies your child uses to cope. For example, a child who has the challenge of transition in routine may:

  • stress easily
  • speak quickly
  • pace
  • have large outbursts

How does Hypnosis help change a strategy?

All learning, change, and behaviour must happen within the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind will accept suggestions to promote wholeness. Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to implement new strategies and beliefs so that children and teens can adapt and successfully manage their states. Daily guided meditation and Hypnosis will lead your child to believe they are:

  • triumphant in school
  • successful interacting with peers
  • happy at home
  • excited to do new things

My experience with Autism and ADHD!

To clarify, I am not a licensed doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. Who am I? A mother of a child who has gone through the journey of Autism and ADHD. Seeing my child struggle, feel anxious and feel sadness, moved me to explore mindfulness. I began to seek out anything to help him to relax and get through the day free of anxiety. The call to explore meditation and Hypnotherapy was loud and clear.

With this in mind, I understand how challenging it can be for your child to feel motivated, relaxed or confident. Working with my child, kids, and teens has solidified how they are open to trance over the past few years. When scripts are carefully crafted, especially to the child or teen, over time, they can succeed. Creating beliefs and decisions that they are successful, confident and innovative will move them to find their social tribe.

Begin the journey of creating new strategies for success!

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