Coping With Anxiety


Anxiety is on the rise

Anxiety is on the rise. Most importantly it is affecting young children, teens and adults. In fact, when Anxiety is not treated it can result in:

  • behavioural issues
  • deep anger
  • fear
  • panic attacks

Anxiety is NOT a choice; however, it is your decision as to what you will do about it. When you decide to take hold of your anxiety and harness it into a manageable state will move you to the power side. Learning some tools and implementing them into your everyday life will make a world of difference.

So, how can Hypnosis help?

Firstly, Hypnosis is all about the path to having the right tools and techniques. Having a toolbox filled with resources for success is essential to manage anxiety easily and effortlessly. Secondly, it is important to release:

  • deep-rooted conflict
  • limiting beliefs
  • negative emotions.

Once this begins to happen, your Unconscious Mind will be open to new strategies and suggestions.

Hypnosis is the perfect tool to alleviate anxiety because it calms the Conscious Mind. Once the Conscious Mind is relaxed and calm, the channel now opens up for the Unconscious Mind to hear suggestions. Suggestions are given to the client with specific intentions, replacing old behaviour and strategies.

What is a script?

To illustrate, the Hypnotherapist creates a script with specific suggestions for self-healing, new strategies, and affirmations. Suggestions are words and phrases that will encourage the Unconscious Mind to believe a new strategy and belief. Remember, suggestions must be for the betterment of the client, promote and restore wholeness!

In other words, these suggestions are vital to restoring alignment with the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind will only accept suggestions that promote wholeness. The end result is better management of emotional states and the ability to manage anxiety each day.

What can you expect from a session?

  •  A detailed assessment to determine what triggers the anxiety
  • A review of the specifics surrounding the anxiety
  • Develop a new strategy and belief about how to manage triggers
  • Expect to be relaxed, and in a mild to moderate trance
  • You are always in control of yourself and the session
  • Once your session is complete you will go about your day relaxed and calm


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