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70 Important Life Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you feel like you’ve been in a rut for a long time? Sometimes being in a rut also compares to being stuck. Either way being in a rut or stuck is not a great place to be. Before you continue scrolling down this article, I have compiled 70 life questions to ask yourself. Keep in mind these questions might feel invasive or even intimidating. And I say this because these life questions require:

  • bravery
  • honesty
  • transparency

It’s not always easy to be open and honest with yourself. Most importantly, to admit that you are not completely happy with how things are going in your life. However, it’s essential to dig deep and begin self-exploration. Get started with these 70 life questions to ask yourself. 

70 Life Questions to Ask Yourself


1) How do I feel each day?

Take stock of your emotions and ask yourself, “am I filled with eagerness to start the day, or am I feeling anxiety, fear or sadness?”

2) Do I relive the past?

Living in the past only results in a continual loop of regret, shame or guilt. The past cannot be changed, and we create the future by living in the present moment. In other words, leave the past behind.

3) Do I question past life decisions?

Decisions filled with regret are harmful because they only lead to a loop of “should of, would of, could of” scenarios. Your choices and decisions stemmed from what you knew at the time. In other words, you did not have a crystal ball predicting the future.

4) What do I think of most each day?

Your thoughts become a reality, or what you focus on most expands. In general, we process sixty to eighty thousand thoughts each day. Therefore, it is crucial to ask yourself, “what am I thinking of most?”

5) Am I doing what I love to do most?

Most often, it’s a belief that your job, career, or business cannot equal passion or success because of your financial obligations. Choosing to believe you cannot do what you love most is limiting. These are a few of my favourite examples of successful people who not only made it; they did what they loved most.

Colonel Saunders

The King of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) became successful later in life. At the age of sixty-two, he sold his business for several million dollars. Today KFC is a multi-billion dollar fast food business.

Julia Child

Julia followed her husband to France, leaving her without a job and a passion for French cooking. It wasn’t until after the age of 50 her cookbook was published, making her legendary.

Louise Hay

At the age of 51, Louise wrote and published “Heal Your Body,” resulting in more books and then in 1987, Hay House Publishing was born.

I could have written many pages on the fascinating lives of Colonel Saunders, Julia Child and Louise Hay. However, the common theme with these three successful people is that they pushed past their obstacles and did what they loved most.

6) What do I see myself doing in the future?

Life on autopilot is not fun! Let yourself dream or explore possibilities. Hence as you entertain different opportunities, you will quickly define what you like or do not like.

7) Why must I be thankful each day?

Gratitude makes for a happy life and a positive mindset. Even when life is hard or challenging, make a gratitude list. Push your mindset to notice even the smallest miracles in life.

8) What is my biggest dream?

Dream big and then dream even bigger! The foundation of manifestation is to use your powerful imagination.

9) Is it vital for me to work with my Unconscious Mind?

To say the Unconscious Mind is essential would be an understatement. In essence, the Unconscious Mind holds all your learning, change, behaviours, strategies and breaks down each life question. The Unconscious Mind is often called a gut feeling or intuition and, much more.

10) Can I work with My Unconscious Mind?

The answer is yes! Of course, you can quickly begin working with your Unconscious Mind. To clarify, anyone can master how to work with their Unconscious Mind. Click Below for Self Hypnosis to with your Unconscious Mind.

Important Life Questions

11) How do I access my Unconscious Mind?

Firstly you must bypass all Conscious activity including:

  • inner dialogue
  • negative thoughts
  • outside opinions

Getting past the Conscious Mind is a must to access the Unconscious Mind! Guided Hypnotherapy or Self Hypnosis is how to reach and work with the Unconscious Mind. Self Hypnosis is essential to ask life questions to your Unconscious Mind. Click Here for Self Hypnosis online.

Important Life Questions

12) Will I make myself a priority?

Are you struggling to honour your needs and wants? There are many facets to life, including running a home, career or business. As a result, the tendency is to mentor and take care of everyone else first. Drop the flooding of guilty emotions and make yourself a priority.

13) Do I love myself?

Self love might sound flakey, and yet if you do not love yourself first, will others be inclined to love you? Model how you expect to be treated by loving yourself first unconditionally.

14) Do I respect myself?

It is easy to be treated kindly from others when self-respect begins within first. In other words, set the bar high and treat yourself with respect.

15) What triggers me?

Anger, procrastination, frustration, lack of self-confidence, to name a few, have trigger points. Can you pinpoint what triggers you most?

16) What motivates me?

Can you identify what motivates you to succeed in life, business, family, etc.? Knowing the source or feeling of motivation is helpful because you can mimic it in all areas of your life.

17) Is self sabotage a theme in my life?

Limiting your success with self-sabotage is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Take note of your failures. Did you fail because of extenuating circumstances, or are there traces of self-sabotage?

18) What are my best qualities?

Go ahead and list your magnificent qualities. What makes you shine brightly?

19) Which qualities can I change about myself?

Not every quality helps you to perform at your best level. Which qualities can you change, enhance or tweak?

20) Which limiting beliefs weigh me down?

Limiting beliefs and decisions evolve without Conscious awareness. Therefore, examine which ideas are holding you back from succeeding.

21) Do I harbour resentment?

Resentment has of way of digging deep and sticking around. There is nothing resentment offers you, other than deep sadness or, in some cases, extreme rage.

22) Do I have deep-rooted fear?

Fear is a blocker when it comes to decision making or living your potential.

23) How many unresolved conflicts am I running?

Is your life filled with conflict at home, work, business, friendships or relationships?

24) Why am I stuck?

Feeling stuck is limiting and wreaks havoc on your mindset. What is preventing you from moving forward?

25) Am I overwhelmed?

How do you feel mentally, emotionally and physically each day? Pinpoint your emotions to determine if each day is overwhelming.

26) Who inspires me?

Everyone needs a mentor(s) who has modelled success, happiness, and knowledge. For this reason, search for a mentor(s) who inspires you.

27) Which mentor would I like to model?

Many people walk the planet past and present who are excellent mentors. Here are some of my favourites, to name a few:

  • Neville Goddard
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Maya Angelou
  • Esther Hicks
  • Louise Hay
  • Tony Robbins
  • Vishen Iakhiani

These leading-edge individuals past and present have made a significant impact on the planet. However, a mentor can be your local minister/priest/rabbi or anyone you know who has crushed it in life, business and spirituality.

28) How often do I feel joy?

Can you remember the last time you felt joy just for the heck of it?

29) What do I want to accomplish?

Knowing what you want is the start of accomplishment. Explore possibilities even if they might seem impossible.

30) Do I follow through with my goals?

Goal setting is a sequence of steps from start to completion. Do you get tired or lose momentum?

31) Where do I see myself in the next year?

A bright idea of what you want to accomplish leads to manifestations.

32) Where do I see myself in the next five years?

What does life look like five years from now? Dream big!

33) Do I have a plan to manifest my goals?

Planning means that you are working toward or actioning your goals. A plan can start simple and evolve as you move forward.

34) Do I have the courage to follow through with my goals?

Courage is a skill that develops over time. Therefore each step or action toward your goals awakens awareness and potential within you.

35) What is holding me back?

What is preventing you from doing what you want? Make a list of each reason or excuse and take the time to review your answers.

36) Am I kind to myself and others?

Self love and kindness must come from you first. The act of kindness and love is contagious; therefore, how you treat yourself is how you will treat others.

37) What areas in my life can I improve?

Self-improvement is essential for growth and learning. Be honest with yourself what areas of your life can you improve.

38) Am I learning life lessons?

Life is about learning! Instead of beating yourself up, focus on what you learned and bring it forward.

39) Can I embrace my mistakes?

Embracing your mistakes does not mean you are off the hook for your choices, actions or decisions. Moreover, it is about accountability and your take away or what you learned.

40) What are my positive mindsets?

Examine your mindsets concerning love, family, relationships, career, business, money and health. Which are positive?

41) Which negative mindsets must I change?

Examine your mindsets concerning love, family, relationships, career, business, money and health. Which are negative?

42) What are my happiest memories?

Have a go-to memory that makes you feel good, loved, secure, safe, worthy etc. Have these memories in your mental filing cabinet to motivate you or help you during challenging times.

43) What brings me joy?

Joy is abundant and everywhere, ask your Unconscious Mind to show what brings you joy.

44) Can I see the positive in my life?

Train your mind to acknowledge everything positive in your life. A positive mind leads to positive outcomes.

45) Can I explore new possibilities?

Possibilities lead to opportunities! Are you ready to entertain new and exciting horizons?

46) Do I trust myself?

Having a lack of self-trust only leads to indecision, mental and emotional unbalance. Trusting yourself is the most important relationship to have.

47) Do I enjoy spending time alone?

Spending time alone is useful for self-reflection and part of personal growth.

46) When was the last time I laughed?

If you need more than 10 seconds to remember the last time you laughed, then it’s been too long. Laughter leads to fun, which, in turn, leads to a happy mindset.

47) Can I inspire others?

Everyone needs a little inspiration. Often your happy mindest is inspirational people you come across.

48) Do I work and play by my values?

Staying true to who and what you are speaks volumes. Not to mention you will be admired and respected by people.

49) Are my relationships rock solid?

Take inventory of your current relationships. Is there a common theme of ease or turbulence?

50) Do I have good friendships?

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Friendships come to you at the right time.

51) Do I love my life?

Love the life you have! If aspects of your life are not working, then decide to change it. Small steps lead to amazing places.

52) Do I trust my journey?

Your journey or path in life includes your intuition and relationship with your Unconscious Mind. Therefore, trusting yourself is trusting your journey.

53) Will I live a prosperous life?

Prosperity and abundance equal manifestation. In other words, a life of prosperity is dependent on your mindset and the action steps you take.

54) Can I become a master at manifesting abundance?

No one is born a master of anything, let alone a master at manifesting. You can become an expert at anything you set your mind to.

55) Can I create positive new beliefs?

Beliefs are the perspectives and ideas that we have adopted over time. In like manner, beliefs are never permanent and can be changed.

56) What is my version of fun?

Having fun makes life so much better. Make it your aim to have fun every day.

57) Can I be easy-going?

Going with the flow makes for less stress. Practice meditation and breathing techniques to become calm and relaxed going.

58) What can I do each day to live my best life?

Self care and self love are essential for living your best life. Click here to begin a 30 Day Self Love Challenge.

Life Question Challenge

59) What matters to me most?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on what is most important.

60) What are my three top values?

Can you quickly come up with your three most important values? Here are some values that are most often top of the list:

  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Love
  • Business
  • Wealth

61) How can I benchmark my success?

Look at the big picture and take note of how long and far you’ve come.

62) How can I stay focused?

Staying focused on your goals is easy to do with daily mediation and Self Hypnosis.

63) What habits would you like to change?

Can you define any habits that limit your success? Journaling comes in handy, along with meditation, to determine change.

64) What will I do each day to feel good?

Having a daily self care/self love routine magnifies how you feel. Click Here for 50 Ways to Practice Self Love And Self Care.

Important Life Questions

65) What do I love doing most?

Let’s get back to basics what do you love to do? Now do it!

66) Can I balance all aspects of my life?

Balance in life takes time and effort. Make a reasonable schedule, including a self care routine for work-life balance.

67) Will I take chances?

Are you willing to take a leap of faith? And are you ready to take a chance on yourself?

68) Can I let go of guilt?

Guilt is a negative emotion that spreads. Ask yourself why you are feeling guilt, and what purpose does it serve?

69) Will I stop procrastinating?

Procrastination is like a sailing ship of opportunities. How long are you willing to stay rooted where you are?

70) Am I ready to become the best version of myself that there is?

Only you can decide if you are willing and ready to be your best self.

Wrap Up

Stepping into the best version of yourself implies some work and determination. However, becoming your best self does not have to be harsh or hard. Get started with these 70 Important Life Questions to Ask Yourself and become acquainted with yourself.

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