50 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Self-Care!

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Here are 50 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Self-Care! The practice of Self-Love and Self-Care sometimes has a negative vibe to it. In like manner making yourself a priority by putting yourself first can be viewed as selfish or self-centred. And yet when we do not practice Self-Love or Self-Care we begin to feel tired, annoyed or unappreciated. Not all 50 Self-Love and Self-Care tips will resonate with you, however, try a few.

Self Care Self Love Regime

50 Self-Love and Self-Care Regimes to Practice

1) Drink more water

Drinking more water might sound like an old cliche, but it’s super important. Moreover, water helps the body to function in many ways, including:

  • hydration of the skin
  • lubrication of the joints
  • flushing out waste and toxins
  • assists with the digestive system
  • helps maintain blood pressure

You might find it hard initially to increase your water intake. Over time you will notice that your body operates better with the increase of fluids.

2) Practice Self-Care with breathing techniques

Take time to breathe normally, and when stressed, your body and organs will appreciate you for it. Furthermore, expertise in yoga or meditation is not needed to breathe. Likewise, a  simple way to begin breath work is to take a full breath in and hold it for the count of five. To demonstrate exhale out and imagine your breath releasing fully out of your body. Repeat this cycle of breathing and notice how your body relaxes. Practice your deep breathing make it part of your daily Self Care regime. 

3) Eat to fuel your body with Self-Love

Compare your body to an engine. A car engine needs transmission fluid, oil, and gas for it to operate. Your body is like a motor; it must be fueled with whole nutrition to function and work well. Therefore, diet and supplements are essential—Practice Self-Love by examining your daily routine of food and change what’s not working.

4) Practice Self-Care with more sleep

Sleep deprivation is a common problem for most women. For example juggling family, business, and career is no easy feat. How do you get around a lack of sleep? Make a routine and stick to it. Consequently, routine’s are easily compromised when too strict or rigid. So make it work for you and get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night.

5) Try a Salt Room or Cave

Salt rooms have become the trend lately. I like to recommend a salt room because of the healing properties it offers. Hence the features of salt are known to reduce:

  • a build-up of mucus in the body
  • congestion
  • inflammation

Try a salt room in your area, it’s relaxing, therapeutic and has healing properties and a great way to self-care. For example, Groupon often has offers for salt room therapy at a discounted price.

6) Self Care with a nap

If you are not getting enough sleep, it catches up with you quickly throughout the day. Not to mention, it plays havoc with your mental, emotional and physical wiring. Of course, if you find yourself fatigued or needing a mental break, take a catnap. Even a ten-minute nap can make a world of difference and keep you motoring for the rest of the day. 

7) Take a walk in nature to grow Self-Love

There is nothing like walking in nature. Spending time outside, smelling the fresh air and feeling the wind on your face is therapeutic. In this case, it benefits the mind-body connection keeping you grounded in the present moment. By all means try sitting in a park for a few minutes, walking a trail, and notice your whole mindset shift. Fifteen minutes outside can change your overall perspective and keep the practice of daily Self-Love.

8) Sit in the sun

Sit in the sun to replenish Vitamin D in your system, as it warms your body and soul. For one thing, Vitamin D helps with:

  • inflammation
  • reducing high blood pressure
  • relaxing the muscles

So take advantage of a beautiful sunny day with a cup of tea and let the Vitamin D soak in. To emphasize just a few minutes a day in the sun for Self-Care.

9) Have a good laugh

The old saying “laughter is good for the soul” has truth to it. There is nothing like a burst of good laughter to put you in a great mood. Ask yourself if you can recall the last time you found something funny or just laughed? Regardless add some laughter and fun into your life. Life can be hard as it is, so show yourself Self-Love and make it your practice to have a good giggle once in a while.

10) Take a rejuvenating bath to Practice Self-Care

There is nothing like a warm, rejuvenating bath to relax your body and mind. Fill the bathwater with Epsom salts, essential oils, light some candles and listen to music. In the meantime, while relaxing in the tub, start breathing techniques and anchor the practice of Self-Love and Self-Care with some affirmations.

11) Have a relaxing massage

Practice Self-Love and Self-Care by booking a massage. A massage works the over tired muscles and gets the blood flowing in the body. Of course, a massage can be expensive and not always in everyone’s budget. Take a look at your employer’s medical benefits; massage may be available, or search Groupon some spas offer discounted massage.

12) Use essential oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries and used for holistic remedies. You do not need to be an expert in using essential oils. Some oils like lavender are for relaxation, peppermint for headaches and pain, tea tree is antibacterial and so forth. Again explore and see which oils work best for you. 

13) Take care of your skin

Your skin, nails and hair are an indication of your health. Hence as you hydrate with water and fuel your body with proper nutrition, your skin will glow. Your practice of Self-Care skin regime does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are many natural products to boost your skin like:

  • coconut oil
  • black castor oil
  • hyaluronic acid
  • olive oil

These products are easily accessible at your local grocery or health food store. 

14) Daily Exercise

Daily exercise can become tiring or even feel like a chore. And yet the body was made to move. Therefore, activity is essential when it comes to practicing Self-Care and Self-Love. Getting your daily dosage of movement does not always mean getting to a gym or yoga studio. Get out for a walk, play with your kids or go on a bike ride. Above all just go out and move.

15) Try something new

By all means get out of the mundane, repetitive routine and try something new. Try something completely different like:

  • painting or drawing
  • join a book club
  • knitting or crocheting
  • cooking class
  • cake decorating
  • take an online course

Some of these suggestions may interest you or maybe not at all. Is there anything you have wanted to do and never really gotten around to it? Make a list and start trying new things.

16) Spend time alone

A busy life and schedule leave little time for you. Alone time might feel like a luxury, and maybe it is. When the opportunity presents itself, take advantage of spending time alone. The Practice of Self- Care and Self-love means that you enjoy your own company. 

17) Turn off the phone

The constant flow of email, text and social media can induce stress and anxiety. Dial down the noise by turning off your phone. Having your cellphone off provides a mental break, not to mention having some time to focus on you.

18) Time off from social media

Social media is a significant continuous flow of noise that can be helpful in life or debilitating. Permit yourself to take some time off to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. On another note, if you must be active on your social forums, sort through what is a must and limit the noise.

19) Have a Gratitude Chat

Throughout a typical day, we process between sixty to eighty thousand thoughts per day. These thoughts become internal conversations that combat negative feelings rather than positive ones. Therefore, be creative and begin a private chat or rampage of gratitude. Feeling blessed and grateful leads to positive emotions and is the practice of Self-Care and Self-Love.

20) Bedside journal 

To journal or not to journal? What is the purpose of a journal, anyway? Since we process a whole lot throughout the day, it’s easy to forget the good stuff that happens. Imagine your journal becoming a few simple lines of text each day, filling the pages with:

  • love
  • excitement
  • joy
  • gratitude

A journal should never feel like a chore; view it as an ongoing list of amazing experiences. Keep a journal by your bedside and jot down gratitude, ideas and recent positive events.


21) Affirm your self love each morning

The practice of Self-love and Self-Care is a quality that takes time to develop. Sometimes the concept of Self-Love is associated with being selfish or self-centred. To clarify, a lack of Self-Love at the deepest level connects to the feeling of unlovable or unworthy. Therefore practice your daily dosage of Self-Care with affirmations. Start your day off with affirmations in the mirror out loud. Here are some example of declarations to boost your Self-Love with I am:

  • magnificent
  • love
  • worthy
  • successful
  • abundant
  • a goddess
  • powerful

Then repeat each morning and remember to add more as you go along. CLICK HERE For Morning Affirmations

22) Give yourself a break

Be kind to yourself! Having high expectations or always striving for perfectionism is a tall order. So give yourself a break, honour your mistakes and celebrate your victories. Life is about learning and moving forward.

23) Go on a self-date

Take yourself out on a date. Learn to love your own company and feel content. Spending some time out solo is a great way to reboot your energy and do something for yourself. Some ideas for a self date can be:

  • lunch out
  • browse a book store
  • window shopping
  • movie matinee

24) Delegate what you can

Women today manage multiple facets of life, such as family, career and business. Eventually, burn out begins to take over because there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Delegate what you can accordingly; not everything is a high priority or must be done by you. As a result, you will notice more gets done, and you will experience less pressure and stress.

25) Do what’s manageable

Make a list of tasks and determine what you need to complete. Each day review how much you have accomplished. You will notice how much you tackle each day and the pace you can work in the long run. Do what is manageable and delegate what you can.

26) Set boundaries

It’s time to set boundaries if you are feeling run down, unappreciated or frustrated at work or home. Limits do not have to be strict or rigid. Drawing a line in the sand does not mean that you are cutting off family or friends, it means that you are putting yourself first. 

27) Find your tribe

Surround yourself with positive, supportive and encouraging friends. Having this type of support is motivating and keeps you in a positive vibration. Look for groups of people who like to think and behave as you do. And remember to practice Self-Love and Self-Care by having some fun too.

28) Create a travel list

Have the travel bug or a bucket list of places you’d like to see? Even if it seems impossible at the moment. Create a travel list filled with places you would like to experience one day. A couple of ways to manifest travel is a large map with thumbtacks placed on the cities and countries your dream of visiting. Or create a travel vision board with pictures and highlights of the places you want to visit. 

29) Find a new passion or hobby

Get out there find a passion for something new. A brand-new hobby can keep you active and learning. And remember when you are learning, you are also discovering new things about yourself.

30) Read a book

Firstly, reading is relaxing and is excellent for downtime. And if you have not considered it yet, you can always join a book club. Secondly, if you do not have time or like to read, contemplate listening to Audibles. Audiobooks can be listened to while cooking, driving or just sitting to keep your mind stimulated.

31) Forgive others and yourself

Forgiveness does not mean you are a doormat or accept ill-treatment from others. It does mean that you stop carrying past resentment and pain. If you find yourself holding onto a past hurt, Deepak Chopra highlights Seven Steps to Forgiveness. Thus the practice of Self-Love and Self-Care includes forgiveness.

32) Let go of the past

Letting go of the past is healing and releases negative emotions. If you are living in the past, this is limiting you and preventing you from creating the future you want. Tell yourself that the past has served a purpose for learning and part of your path. It is impossible to move forward when you are deeply rooted in history.

33) Live in the moment

Living in the moment is the highest vibrational level to be. At the same time, thinking too far into the future can also lead to worry. Be present in each moment and experience everything around you. The past is over, and the future is unknown. In other words, there is only the present moment.

34) Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is beneficial to connect and work with your Unconscious Mind. All learning, change and behaviour happen at the Unconscious level. Simply put, anything you want to manifest, learn or change happens quickly with Self Hypnosis. CLICK HERE  to for Self Hypnosis Online Training.


35) Learn to say NO

The word NO is little and has two letters, and yet it can be hard to say. NO can be associated with a negative connotation or guilt. Set aside the feeling of guilt or any negative emotions and decipher what you can physically, mentally or emotionally perform. Learn to say NO when needed, and keep in mind you can be gentle and assertive at the same time.

36) Keep your mind active

Find ways to keep your mind stimulated, learning and engaged. Games are available on smartphones such as:

  • 1010
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Brain Games
  • Hidden objects

Play a little to keep your mind active and learning.

37) Declutter your space

Clutter causes stress, mentally and physically. Not to mention how it adds to disorganization and work performance. So declutter your office, closets and home in general. A Clean workspace is vital for a happy mindset.

38) Organize your office space

An organized, clean office makes for a happy work environment. Your office is what brings sustenance to your family and where you spend a lot of time. Work is much less stressful when organized and visually appealing to enter. Why not make your space a great place to be?


39) Clean out the closet of negativity

Just as you would attempt spring cleaning, clean out the closet of negativity. Do you find yourself in negative conversations about yourself or others? Stop yourself from continuing and change your thoughts and words to the positive. Initially, begin with changing the conversation and bring up a positive quote or event. Over time you will notice harmful friendship and circumstances start to dissolve.

40) Yoga

Yoga may not be for everyone. However, I always suggest giving it a try. Yoga strengthens the body and muscles and mind. And it is a fantastic opportunity to learn meditation. Find a yoga studio near you, often they have trial classes for a minimal fee.

41) Meditate

Meditation is calming and quieting of the Conscious Mind. As previously stated, we process sixty to eighty thousand thoughts per day. Sitting still in quietness gives the mind a chance to take a break resulting in clarity. Click Here for Mindset Reboot Starter Kit.

42) Change your story

What story are you telling yourself and others? The Unconscious Mind is literal, and you cannot manifest abundance prosperity when you think and speak of what is lacking. Begin a new story with simple statements such as I am:

  • wealthy
  • abundant
  • healthy
  • prosperous
  • loved
  • successful

43) 528 Megahertz Brain DNA

Have you heard of reprogramming your subconscious mind? In essence, reprogramming is similar to conditioning your Subconscious Mind. I recommend 528 Brain DNA Megahertz combined with Self Hypnosis. Give your Subconscious Mind suggestions to live your potential. YouTube offers a variety of 528 Megahertz Brain DNA (not for use while driving or operating heavy machinery).

44) Connect with your family

Connect with your family and make your time count. Life happens quickly, so make the most of the time you have.

45) Release the guilt

Chuck out the guilt; it’s a wasted, useless emotion that is deeply rooted. Therefore, when you begin to feel the feeling of guilt, ask yourself if this is self-imposed. Self-Love is impossible when feeling guilt or shame. Start the release of guilt with morning and evening affirmations to:

  • release guilt and shame
  • Iove yourself unconditionally
  • accept yourself
  • believe self-worth

46) Buy yourself a gift

Be generous and kind to yourself and budget to buy yourself a reward once in a while. You deserve it!

47) Let go of your version of perfection

Perfection is a perception and is almost impossible to achieve or maintain. Stop striving to be perfect or whatever your version of perfection is. Be your best, work your optimal best and live your best.

48) Clear toxic relationships

Surround yourself with positive relationships from which you can exchange and benefit. It’s NOT always an option to break up a family or some of our connections. However, you can limit the level of conversation and steer to the positive.

49) Continue learning

Learning is a life long skill. Continue to learn anything and everything you can. There are many free online courses available on social media. Search for something new.

50) Put Yourself First

Most importantly, Self-Care and Self-Love start with putting yourself first. 

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Wrap Up

Well, amazing ones, this is my take on Self Care and Self Love. Give me your thoughts on how you make yourself a priority, I’d love to hear from you!


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