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Is a 30 Day Full Proof Self Love Challenge Necessary?

Do you need a 30 Day Full Proof Self Love Challenge? Self Love on the best of days can be a challenge! I’m sure you would agree that living in the year 2020 is fast and chaotic, leaving little time for ourselves. Therefore an action plan such as a 30 day full proof Self Love challenge is vital. Living life on autopilot with little or no time for yourself eventually catches up.

Ingredients for a Self Love challenge

The purpose of beginning a 30 day full proof Self Love challenge is to give back to yourself. Life might be easier with all our modern conveniences, not to mention running a business right from a smartphone. However, take a glance at your Google calendar or organizer and go back a few weeks. Other than the occasional pedi, mani or hair appointment, was there any Self Love scheduled or included for yourself?

Self Love Challenge

Self Love can be a continuing challenge!

So I am betting most women can and will come up with a list of reasons why they do not have time for daily Self Love. Even though scheduling time for Self Love sounds excellent, you might have some resistant thoughts like:

  • There’s not enough time in the day
  • My kids need me more
  • Self Love is selfish
  • Family comes first
  • Running a business requires full focus

These thoughts have validity, but they are resistant. By the same token, these opposing thoughts can become positive and eliminate resistance. To illustrate:

  • I can find a few minutes each day for me.
  • My kids are happy and healthy because I invest in my Self-Love
  • Daily Self Love is easy and natural. My family loves me more for it.
  • The practice of daily Self Love has created focus and greater clarity for my business.

The challenge and impact of resistant thoughts

Law of Attraction 101, what you think of most becomes your reality. And another point to keep in mind, these resistant and negative thoughts are accepted literally from the Unconscious Mind. In essence, what you think of most not only becomes real, it also becomes a belief. 

The way to get over internal doubt and resistance is the Unconscious Mind. And believe it or not, Self Hypnosis is full proof for getting over the challenge of Self Love. And yes, you can do Self Hypnosis easily. CLICK HERE For Self Hypnosis Training


Get out of your way and head straight to Self Love!

What stands between you and a long-lasting Self Love relationship? The only thing preventing you from Self Love is yourself. Get out of your way, put aside excuses or limiting beliefs of unworthiness or guilt and get started. 

Ready to begin your 30 Day Full Proof Self Love Challenge?

Day 1 – Self Reflection

Self-reflection is a must to comprehend what is missing in daily routine. Look at your day, week, or month? Is your calendar scheduled with appointments for:

  • kids
  • spouse
  • house repairs
  • business

Outside of the calendar think back, did you do anything just for yourself? If yes, how much Self Love did you give yourself? Self-reflection is ideal to figure out how much Self Love is needed to keep yourself:

  • motivated
  • feeling good
  • balanced mentally, emotionally and physically
  • focused

Day 2 – Bedside Journal

Keeping a bedside journal can be helpful to jot down:

  • gratitude
  • precious events or memories
  • aha or light bulb moments
  • affirmations
  • creative ideas
  • milestone moments
  • positive beliefs

The idea behind a bedside journal is to capture everything positive that is happening. Unfortunately, it is always easier to focus on what is wrong instead of what is going right. As you add to your journal, you will notice the greatness you have in you and your life.

Day 3 – Morning Meditation

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation! Why meditate each morning? Quite simply to quiet your conscious mind. You may have heard me mention this in other blog posts. Here it is again. We process sixty to eighty thousand thoughts per day. That’s a whole lot of noise going on Consciously. 

Imagine sixty to eighty thousand people at a concert. Can you picture the crowd, noise and clutter? Similarly, your Conscious Mind works the same way. Morning mediation helps to:

  • quiet the mind
  • filter out negative thoughts
  • achieve greater focus

Also, keep it simple. Meditation does not have to be hours long or uncomfortable. Find a comfortable chair and focus on breathing. 

Day 4 – Morning Affirmations

Affirmations are vital because it’s a reinforcement to your Unconscious Mind. For example, use statements with I Am:

  • exceptional
  • magnificent
  • a deliberate creator
  • love and loved
  • peaceful
  • intelligent
  • worthy
  • brilliant
  • beautiful

In reality, we can create thousands of affirmations beginning with I Am. It may feel uncomfortable at the start to say these statements out loud. Depending on how you grew up, you may have been taught not to think of yourself as magnificent. However, if you do not think of yourself as brilliant and beautiful, will others see and believe your value? 

So daily affirmations are powerful! Likewise, start your daily affirmations each morning out loud in front of a mirror. And remember, the Unconscious Mind is listening as you affirm your Self Love. CLICK HERE For Free I Am Affirmations

Day 5 – Evening Guided Meditation

Guided mediation is excellent at night before bed. As you lay in bed, begin breathing. Focus on inhaling clean oxygen and exhaling your breath out through your whole body. At the same time listen to guided mediation with hypnotic language for:

  • Self Love
  • Empowerment
  • mental and emotional balance
  • joy and happiness
  • creativity

Guided meditation with hypnotic language has proven to be full proof. More than ever in the last few decades, Guided Meditation and Hypnosis have been used for Self Care in North America. Again the most effective way to create internal balance is with the Unconscious Mind. Self Hypnosis is also ideal for creating a Self Love relationship. And yes you can learn Self Hypnosis easily. 

Self Hypnosis Online Training

Day 6 – Internal peace

When you have an excellent mental, emotional, physical and spiritual foundation, internal peace is easy to achieve. Therefore implementing daily techniques for Self Love will overcome challenges and improve how you feel on the inside. When you feel angry, frustrated or upset most of the time, it rocks your stability and success. It’s all about how you feel.

Day 7 – Forgiveness regime

Let me clarify forgiveness does not mean hurt from the past is ok because it’s not. However, if you find yourself:

  • rehashing the past in your mind
  • continually talking about the previous hurt in relationships and
  • justifying the lousy hand, you’ve received in life

Then it’s time to move on! Validate your history and take the light bulb learning’s into account. Letting go of the past might be a challenge and yet is necessary for forgiveness. In other words, let that sh*t go and move on because you cannot design the life you want if you’re stuck.

Day 8 – Ground Body and Mind

The grounding technique is the process of having your body and mind living in the present moment. Your mindset is everything. Therefore when you are in the past, you cannot create the future. And worrying about the future is inefficient because it’s filled agony. Living, breathing and being in the present moment is the recipe for:

  • manifestation
  • abundance
  • prosperity
  • success

Grounding is full proof, and a powerful method to keep you focused and worry-free. Begin grounding each morning and often during the day if you feel yourself reliving the past or worrying about the future. CLICK HERE For Free Grounding Audio Recording  


Day 9 – Midday Mindset Check-in

Beginning a new mindset regime is like the analogy of “rinse and repeat.” A new habit forms when consistently reproduced because most human beings are creatures of habit. So as you begin your 30 Day full proof Self Love challenge, do a mindset midday check-in. If you find yourself straying into old habits or ignoring your need for Self Love reset and begin again. 

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Day 10 – Powerful Self Conversations

Self conversations happen seamlessly within the Conscious mind. It is normal to have a discussion going on within us. For the most part, our internal dialogue is negative. Why not focus on having a robust, positive self conversation to reflect success in your life? And to emphasize again, the Unconscious Mind is literal and cannot distinguish between what is real and not real. So start the best self chats filled with Self Love, success, and everything you want life to be.

Self Love List

Day 11 – Self Love list

Build a list with your supreme qualities and everything that makes you magnificent. Fill the pages of a journal and then begin a new journal. Keep adding all your wonderful attributes, new words to describe yourself and why you are love. Grow your Self Love List as if it were a love letter to yourself.

Day 12 – Begin Daily Self Love Practice

Plain and simple Self Love must be part of your daily practice. Discover two or three simple ways to give back to yourself daily. And stick to it. If need be schedule time for yourself in your calendar, add sticky notes in your office or bathroom mirror or set an alert on your phone. Eventually, the practice of Self Love will become second nature.

Day 13 – Take a bath

Fill the bathtub with Epsom salts, lavender or essential oils. Set a warm ambiance by lighting a candle and have relaxing music in the background. As you rest your body in the bathtub, get yourself into a relaxed state. A bath does wonders for the body and is excellent for releasing stress and anxiety.


Day 14 – Develop a full proof good habit

It’s always harder to change a bad habit because most behaviours happen for a long time. So let’s focus on forming a new full proof habit adding to your daily Self Love. For example, a new forming pattern can be:

  • morning meditation
  • evening guided meditation
  • daily walk
  • more water intake
  • read a new book each month

Day 15 – Listen to inspiring Self Love podcasts

YouTube, Itunes and Audibles, to mention a few, have a variety of podcasts. Listening to a variation of podcasts can inspire and motivate you in business, home and life. As well as keep the channels of learning open. Another great thing to consider, you can listen to a podcast even while driving. CLICK HERE For Self Love Affirmations

Day 16 – Explore a new community

Stretch your wings and explore different things to do. Sometimes life can become stagnant or repetitive. Leap and meet new groups or communities where you can interact and try different things. Some groups to consider joining:

  • Book club
  • Wine club
  • Running club
  • Paint night

Day 17 – Pay it forward

A simple act of kindness goes a long way and is self-fulfilling. Ideas to pay it forward:

  • take a friend out for lunch
  • buy a coffee for the person behind you inline
  • purchase some groceries for the local food bank
  • open the door for someone
  • compliment a friend or colleague

Paying it forward does not always mean monetarily; it can be kindness, a compliment or volunteering.

Day 18 – Celebrate yourself

Celebrate YOU! Your success, potential and even failures are all reasons to rejoice—notice I mentioned failures. Why celebrate your failures? Every decision, intention and action has a big aha moment or learning attached to it. And so celebrate everything about your journey and how far you’ve come.

Day 19 – Knock out fears

Fear is a common blocker for most of us, and when left unmanaged, wreaks havoc on the mindset. And fear also contributes to:

  • sadness
  • lack of motivation
  • limiting beliefs
  • staying stuck

Blow out fear, and surprisingly decisions are made faster. Having anxiety out of the equation leads to motivation, optimism, and building new positive beliefs about your success. Knock out fear, and Self Love grows.

Day 20 – Clean out your emotional closet

Clean out your closet of emotional toxicity. Think of it this way. You are a reflection of who you hang with most. Now consider we cannot eliminate everyone negative because some of these individuals are family. So take inventory and surround yourself with people who are positive and inspiring. Otherwise, set boundaries and limit your time and energy. Keep your emotional closet organized and clean. Your mindset will thank you for it.

Day 21 – Let it go!

Seriously just let it go! If you’re still pissed off about what happened in 2002, let it go. Still, plagued about an argument with your sister, brother or mother? Let that go too! You have a choice to be RIGHT or HAPPY AND HEALTHY. Happy healthy is positive and builds more Self Love.

Day 22 – Tap into courage

Courage and fear usually work hand in hand. Knock out fear, and believe in yourself by taking a risk. Courage can happen in small steps. Keep your focus and mindset on what you want to achieve. When fear begins to creep in, remind yourself that you are strong, fearless and courageous. You’ve got this!

Day 23 – Permit yourself to be first

Do you need permission to make yourself a priority? Guilt and circumstances aside investing time and energy into yourself create a happy person in the long run. Therefore, you do you! 

Day 24 – Find a mentor

Look for a mentor that has successfully prospered personally and professionally. Seek out tips, advice, and guidance. Model their journey as you develop. Keep in mind too that you can have more than one mentor as a guide. Mentors also model success. Therefore everyone can benefit from a guide.

Day 25 – Listen to music

Put on those tunes, dance a little and sing! Get into a blissful state. Music brings out the feeling of being carefree. So listen to music that is trending or even the oldies whatever makes you feel good.

Day 26 – Dream Board

Imagination is the recipe for manifestations. Design your dream board to include:

  • vacations
  • a home
  • career
  • business
  • money

As the saying goes, “dream big or go home.” Go for it, because what you focus most becomes your manifestation.


Day 27 – Create a Self Love Schedule

Stay on track and create a Self Love Schedule. One thing a day just for you! If that means on a Monday night, you run a bath, make it happen. Use a schedule if needed to anchor Self Love.

Day 28 – Balance life and family

Again life is busy, but you can keep the balance between family, business and yourself. If things are too hectic or chaotic, find the balance. Sometimes we need to eliminate the small stuff to have a better flow. 

Day 29 – Stand tall

Life in the year 2020 has us doing more than ever. Stand tall; you’ve got this! And remember to give yourself a daily dosage of Self Love.

Day 30 – Be fearless

Fearlessness is a learned behaviour or trait. So step into your high heels and walk fearlessly! If you’re not feeling it a 100%, then fake till you make. 

Wrap up

So amazing ones are up for the Self Love Challenge? Are there any obstacles preventing you from starting today? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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