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101 Powerful Affirmations

101 Powerful Affirmations for Success

101 Powerful Affirmations for Success! What are powerful affirmations, and how can they benefit you? Before we get started, let’s delve deeper into all the components needed to fuel affirmations. 

What’s the purpose of daily affirmations?

Affirmations are statements spoken out in the form of a declaration. In other words, you are telling yourself what you are and what you want. As we speak words aloud, not to mention our internal dialogue, the Unconscious Mind is listening. Yup, I’ll repeat it, every word said aloud, or part of your inner dialogue is heard and taken as truth from your Unconscious Mind. For example, here are a few comments you might catch yourself saying:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • There is always a challenge in my life
  • It’s impossible to be successful in business
  • My relationships never work out
  • Life is hard
  • I can’t succeed

Repeating negative statements like these are debilitating. Given that the Unconscious Mind is literal, over time, these statements become beliefs. And some views can be hard to shake off because they become anchored. Beliefs can change over time through carefully scripted positive affirmations.

Why is it important to declare powerful affirmations for success?

So let’s get to the point! Why is it essential to use a tool like affirmations to change your life and manifest what you want? Your Unconscious Mind takes instruction and direction from you. So when your words and statements are negative, you get what you don’t want or more of it. Positive thinking includes specific language, changing your beliefs and actions. Scripting powerful affirmations will condition your Unconscious Mind. Therefore, repetition of powerful positive words become a reality, or “rinse and repeat” for success.

When is the ideal time to say affirmations?

Daily affirmations are ideal first thing in the morning said out loud in the mirror. Think of it this way, how you start your day dictates how you feel. And your thinking is a reflection of your mindset. Moreover, daily affirmations lead to a healthy, happy, powerful mindset. In other words, get your day off to a good start!

How will affirmations lead to success?

We process sixty to eighty thousand thoughts per day. In general, most of our mental traffic is negative. Therefore trying to sort through this amount of inner dialogue would be endless, not to mention impossible. Hence the reason daily powerful affirmations lead to success and change the mindset over time.

Powerful Affirmations are active at any time during the day. However, kickstart your day in front of the mirror while brushing your teeth or in the shower. Remember that speaking out loud is powerful, but you can say affirmations silently. The Unconscious Mind is always listening! Self Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool to condition your mind for success. Click Here for Self Hypnosis.

101 Powerful Affirmations Success

I have broken down 101 powerful affirmations for success into four categories:

  • Money and abundance
  • Self love
  • Success mindset
  • Pristine health

101 Powerful Affirmations for Success

Powerful Money Affirmations

  1. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  2. Wealth is abundant in my life.
  3. Pure abundance is my reality.
  4. Prosperity is my state of being.
  5. Success is the mindset I choose.
  6. There is always more than enough money.
  7. I am free of debt.
  8. My income increases daily.
  9. Money flows back to me.
  10. My business is prosperous.
  11. Abundance follows me.
  12. Power is within me to build wealth.
  13. I am a money-making magnet.
  14. Every choice and decision I make leads to abundance.
  15. The Universe has my back guiding my financial manifestations.
  16. Claiming abundance and prosperity is my rite.
  17. My life has a constant stream of wealth.
  18. Wealth and money is energy and a relationship I respect.
  19. Attracting money is simple.
  20. Every opportunity creates money.
  21. The power of abundance is within me.
  22. New avenues of income are readily available.
  23. I welcome the constant stream of cash.
  24. It feels good to earn large copious amounts of money.
  25. Wealth accumulates in my bank account each day.

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Powerful Self Love Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of love from myself and others.
  2. My mind, body and spirit are worthy of success.
  3. Daily doses of self love empower me.
  4. Self-respect is what I expect from myself and others.
  5. I celebrate my progress and failures.
  6. Self love is my daily practice.
  7. Limitations are in the past, and I am limitless.
  8. The feeling of joy is within me.
  9. Power is knowing my worth.
  10. I am loveable.
  11. There is more than enough time for me.
  12. I am balanced and grounded.
  13. Perseverance is within me, even when I feel like quitting.
  14. Freedom of choice is mine to make.
  15. Kindness is my strength.
  16. Like a beacon, I shine brightly.
  17. Finding my life purpose has been easy.
  18. All is good in life.
  19. Everything always works out in my favour.
  20. Beauty pulsates inside and outside of myself.
  21. It’s okay to feel proud of who and what I am.
  22. Obstacles are only opportunities.
  23. Confidence grows within me.
  24. I am enough.
  25. I can be all things to myself and those I love.


Success Mindset Affirmations 

  1. Success is a reflection of my mindset.
  2. My mindset dictates my manifestations.
  3. Thinking and feeling prosperous brings prosperity.
  4. Growth is a mindset I choose to accept.
  5. Creating new beliefs are natural.
  6. My inner dialogue is positive and happy.
  7. There is only the present moment.
  8. I am in harmony with my Unconscious Mind.
  9. Positive thoughts flow easily and effortlessly within my mind.
  10. My world is a reflection of my thinking.
  11. Gifts from the Universe come my way.
  12. Potential does not have any limits in my world.
  13. Imagining what I want has resulted in manifestations.
  14. Problems are minor obstacles.
  15. Daily meditation makes my mind sharp.
  16. Peace expands within me.
  17. There is a limitless supply of abundance.
  18. Opportunities come my way.
  19. New experiences lead to beautiful moments.
  20. Self-sabotage no longer serves me.
  21. I make wise choices and decisions.
  22. My mind and spirit are intricately connected.
  23. Listening to my intuition is effortless.
  24. I trust in my ability to succeed.
  25. Focus and determination fuel my success.

Affirmations for Pristine Health

  1. My body is a sacred place.
  2. I love and appreciate my body
  3. Each cell, molecule and organ in my body is healthy.
  4. Forgiving myself and others is a choice
  5. Willingly I let go of the past.
  6. Forgiveness is freedom.
  7. My body repairs itself each night as I sleep.
  8. Each morning I awaken energized and ready to succeed.
  9. Healing is ongoing within me.
  10. I am a beacon radiating good health.
  11. Happiness shines out of me.
  12. Good health is my reality with nutritious food.
  13. My body holds my ideal weight.
  14. Exercise is easy and effortless.
  15. Sleep restores my body.
  16. Self Love expands and grows within me.
  17. Bliss is present within me.
  18. Healing is endless.
  19. Love is my state of being.
  20. Feeling fit and healthy is normal.
  21. I accept myself unconditionally.
  22. The gift of health is mine.
  23. Positive progress is my outcome.
  24. Wellness is my life long plan.
  25. Thank you for this beautiful body.

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Bonus Affirmation 101

I am a magnificent being, powerfully created aligned with the Universe to succeed.

Wrap Up

Affirmations can come in the form of “I am statements,” or direct statements said aloud in a way the Unconscious Mind comprehends. Keep in mind the Unconscious Mind is literal and will respond to affirmations that are:

  • direct
  • clear
  • positive 
  • authoritative

Remember to say it like it is. For example, telling a child, “don’t spill the milk,” usually results in spilt milk. Moreover, carefully constructed affirmations will begin to shape and change your mindset. Click Here to get your Free Mindset Reboot Starter Kit. The Starter Kit has everything you need to begin your self-improvement journey.

101 Powerful Affirmations Success

Tell me, are you using daily affirmations?

101 Powerful Affirmations Success




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